Elpida Residential Programs serves adults age 18 and over, who present a broad range of mental health issues.  Our households include persons who are working through issues such as depression and anxiety, as well illnesses such as Schizophrenia and Bi-polar Disorder.  Although diagnosis is taken into account, we focus on removing the obstacles that prevent independent living, while building on the strengths inherent in each individual.

The clients in our programs have often tried to live independently, and have found that they need to develop specific skills in order to be successful.  Typically, clients come from moderate-income families, and therefore do not meet criteria to receive residential treatment through the existing public mental health system.  Elpida attempts to keep its costs manageable for these families, while not compromising quality of care.

Elpida Residential Programs does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, or religion.  The program is not, however, able to accept clients who are sex offenders, or who have a history of physical violence toward others.

Persons wishing to pursue admission to Elpida Residential Programs are encouraged to call Clinical Director, Dr. Kristin Felch at 415 499-8613, ext. 11.  After an initial telephone screening, potential candidates for the program will be invited to an intake interview, in which they may visit one of the homes and meet with one of the staff members.