Referrals & Admissions


Elpida Residential Programs serves adults age 18 and over, who present a broad range of mental health issues.  The households include persons who are working through issues such as depression and anxiety, as well illnesses such as Schizophrenia and Bi-polar Disorder.  Although diagnosis is taken into account, the primary focus is on removing the obstacles that prevent independent living, while building on the strengths inherent in each individual.

The clients in Elpida’s programs have often tried to live independently, and have found that they need to develop specific skills in order to be successful.  All of Elpida’s clients are regarded as unique individuals who have the capacity to make meaningful contributions to the community.  Time and care are taken to get to know each client as an individual, which allows us to tailor the program to each individual’s specific goals.


Family members who are seeking residential treatment for their adult family member are encouraged to contact the Clinical Director, Dr. Kristin Felch at 415 499-8613, ext. 11 for an initial conversation regarding the specific needs of their family member.  If desired, a tour of one of our homes is then scheduled, followed by an intake interview with the potential resident and one of the Elpida Residential Programs staff members.

Elpida Residential Programs strongly values collaborative relationships with family members.  Research consistently indicates that clients who maintain connections with supportive family members or caring friends have better mental health outcomes.  Regular visits and outings with family and friends, therefore, are encouraged to the degree that they support client growth and well-being.

Staff members of Elpida Residential Programs strive to form partnerships centered around quality care, while balancing the client’s need for autonomy.  In practical terms, this partnership is maintained by regular communication between the client’s Elpida Residential Programs Care Manager and family members.  As appropriate, family members are invited to treatment conferences where progress is formally discussed with the primary members of the treatment team.

Referrals By Professionals

Professionals in the community who wish to discuss a possible referral are encouraged to contact the Clinical Director, Dr. Kristin Felch at 415 499-8613, ext. 11.