About Us

Mission values

We believe that with proper support, persons with mental illness can lead rich, meaningful lives within their community.  The mission of Elpida Residential Programs is to assist individuals in developing the skills and support systems that will enable them to become more self-sufficient and to lead more fulfilling lives.

Elpida Residential Programs provides an environment in which residents and staff are treated with dignity and respect.  We believe that achieving and maintaining mental health involves attending to all aspects of the individual’s well-being, including the mental, emotional, physical, social, vocational, and creative dimensions.  Above all, we aspire to instill hope, knowing that persons with mental illness can become fully-functioning members of the community.


Elpida Residential Programs was established as a non-profit in 1993, and its first home was opened in Mill Valley shortly thereafter.  Elpida means “hope” in the Greek language.  This word conveys the program’s intention of providing new perspective and meaning to the people it serves.

The original founder of the program, Toula Silver, MFT saw the need for affordable supportive housing outside of the public system of care.  After spending years working in community mental health, she decided to use her experience to develop a comprehensive program of housing and support for persons with mental illness. 

Over the years, Elpida Residential Programs has expanded to its current operation of four homes, and a growing Outpatient Case Management Program.  Although Elpida’s program has evolved over time to incorporate emerging best practices and evidence-based treatment, its original mission of providing high quality care in a nurturing home environment has remained unchanged.